Invested in hard tech startups from MIT and Harvard, and served as interim CEO at portfolio company Ligon Discovery, where he was responsible for small molecule discovery and development deals with Bayer and Bristol-Myers Squibb. Before that, co-founded, co-led, and exited two technology startups: a defense technology company and a Software-as-a-Service company. He holds a BA and MA in Economics and Management from the University of Oxford, and completed studies in molecular biology and materials science as a Fellow at MIT. He is an avid pilot and an FAA-certificated flight instructor in airplanes and helicopters. At his core, Christian is dedicated to leaving behind inventions that make the world a better place.



Conceived and created two industry-changing technologies: an inexpensive, unlimited data hybrid Wi-Fi-cellular phone; and selling/providing Internet bandwidth through an exchange. He was also a pioneering leader and organizer in cryptocurrency and blockchain technology in Cambridge. Previously, he was Vice President of Research and Development at, a telecommunications company powering Skype, Google, Vonage and other leading application and voice providers. Before that, he developed Internet technologies at Imagine Media in Silicon Valley and market visualization systems for Dow Jones in New York. Charitable activities include installation of satellite Internet for a hospital in Haiti.



Invented Optogenetics, combining innovations in materials science, genomics, optics, microfabrication, computation, and protein engineering into breakthrough tools now in use by over 600 labs and research institutes worldwide. Leads Synthetic Neurobiology group at MIT. Recipient of TR35, NIH Director's New Innovator Award, NSF CAREER Award, and Paul Allen Distinguished Investigator Award. 



Curated technology tools that played a key role in the development of four drugs to successful FDA clearance in the fields of glaucoma, HIV, and HCV. Formerly CTO and Chair, SAB at Vertex and is current or former member of >10 journal editorial boards, 9 Scientific Advisory Boards, and 2 Boards of Directors. He has authored >40 issued patents, >80 scientific publications, and >130 invited lectures.



Leads Camera Culture research group at MIT Media Lab. Prolific inventor across fields of computational photography, imaging, and human-computer interaction, including a camera that sees around corners and a camera that sees faster than light. Recipient of TR35 and DARPA Young Faculty awards. He holds >50 patents.



Translates academic innovation to industry. Inventor of technology and standards behind RFID, spun out as EPC Global. Professor in Mechanical Engineering at MIT, co-founder and former CSO at OATSystems, acquired by Checkpoint Systems (NYSE:CKP).



Worked with foundations, family offices, philanthropists, and families to build impact startups and scale established philanthropic programs. Supported a family in building the Harrington Discovery Institute to accelerate the translation of medical breakthrough from lab to clinic. During his time at Arabella Advisors, he worked with the most significant global grant making institutions, including the Gates Foundation and signatories of the Giving Pledge, helping his clients secure global legacy opportunities and complex planned giving structures.