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Walmart & Loss Prevention

Big box retailers lose billions to shrinkage each year, and they don’t know why. The obvious culprits include inventory errors, employee theft, organized crime, and shoplifting. Walmart challenged Curated Innovation to identify new technologies with the potential to raise the bar on loss prevention.


Family Foundation & Skin Cancer

One American dies of melanoma almost every hour, yet almost all those deaths are preventable. Our team developed a smartphone app that prevents skin cancer with cloud-based computer vision that tracks every mole, every month.


Genentech & Stroke Detection

Over 800,000 people suffer from ischemic stroke every year in the US. Out of three symptom groups, just one symptom may appear in isolation, making diagnosis difficult. Patients usually arrive in hospital too late for the administration of Genentech’s lifesaving drug, Activase. We were tasked with identifying and integrating technologies that could detect the symptoms of a stroke, and signal for emergency services.


The Susan Love Research Foundation & Breast Cancer Imaging

Mammograms have a very high rate of false positives, resulting in over treatment and unnecessary biopsies. Moreover, mammograms involve ionizing radiation, a carcinogenic mechanism, and are often painful. We curated and developed a replacement for mammography, ultrasound, and MRI imaging of the breast. The lead innovation could dramatically reduce false positive results, while maintaining sensitivity, differentiation between benign lumps and dangerous stages of advancing cancer such as Ductal Carcinoma in Situ (DCIS), work without painful breast compression, and will not expose patients to ionizing radiation.

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Family-Owned Business & Hospital Acquired Infections


In progress.